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How adorable is this little bracelet!  I just love the fact that you put your own initials into it, so there will be very few people that have the same one  as you!  I found this little thing on Pinterest but it originates from seller MarinetteJewelry .  Her things are so lovely and unique!  Definitely check it out!  These would be a PERFECT gift for your bridal party, a recent graduate, a new bride, a new mom, mother’s day!  Ah! I might order a few now!


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So the jury is back and the verdict is: This stuff is GREAT!

Stickey by CND

It’s been two weeks since my last manicure and it’s still in tact! With a few TINY chips at the tips of the nails from wear and tear, they are still looking pretty good.

2 weeks in...

And as a sidenote, I just don’t love the gel/shellac stuff.  I think it’s because it peeled off my nail when I peeled it off!  It’s like I was back in the days of my acryllic-nail-wearing-self and it destroyed my nails!

Now, it’s been on so long that it’s growing out so, I’ll be changing it today, but if you’re looking for a anti-chipping agent,  This is WELL-WORTH the $8.50!  Enjoy the longevity of your $30+ mani/pedi without using that expensive and unnecessary gel!

Has anyone tried this yet?  Let me know!

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I love these cute little fortune cookie necklaces from Etsy seller christinakober  You can customize your necklace with your favorite quote or reminder so that you can be inspired every time you put it on!


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