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So this version of “Pink Lemonade” is sweet, sour and pretty refreshing when diluted a bit!  But this guy is a POWERFUL one!

"Pink Lemonade"

I found this recipe here: http://punkymoms.com/foods/print/6/index.html  In my opinion, the recipe as-is needs to be tweaked a bit because you can’t just chug this and be thrilled about it unless you LOVE sour.  But per my friend’s suggestion, I might try this again with lime and mint to add a bit of sweetness.  I would say it’s worth a shot though, on a hot summer day with lots of ice while lounging at the pool!  Let me know your thoughts on this one!





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So the quest continues… and I think that I’ve developed a strong front-runner!

This idea began after one of my girlfriends suggested that I try one of her favorite juicing recipes.  The recipe involves limes, beets and mint!  Ok—- so it sounds great and refreshing minus the beets.  I began to count the times on one hand that I’ve even tried a beet!  It wasn’t traumatic or anything but it just hasn’t happened very often.  But I’m an experimenter and I like trying new things so- I’m all over it!  First step was to go to the grocery store and grab all the ingredients.  I manage to find myself a bushel-o-beets and some limes however, mint was the problematic ingredient…and since my stupid neighbors complained so many times about me watering my plants and water dripping onto their precious outdoor patio, I was forced to murder my mint plant… and NOW is the moment where I hate her more than ever before!
So I went online and tried to figure out a different way to make this “pink lemonade”… so I find this other recipe that involves:

Apples (perfect! I have those)

Beets (got em!)

Carrots (YESSSSSS!  I need to use those before they go bad!)

Cucumber (wahoo! we’re good to go!)


So the “pink lemonade” will be put on the back burner for now… but I shall return, don’t you worry!

So we start with the carrots…..

yummm carrot juice

Then add the cucumber and apples…

Then here comes the beets!

Beet Juice

the aftermath...

the aftermath of which was traumatizing…

But the juice OH so delicious!  REALLY- REALLY good! And the beets are a WONDERFUL addition!  It give it a sweet, smooth taste that is just killer!


This is one of my fav’s so far!  Both Hubby and I REALLY enjoyed this one with our egg-white omelets!

BEFORE you enjoy this on your own, you should know some important facts about Beet Juice which I was reading about all weekend!  Beets are one of the most powerful vegetables around and really have some great health benefits HOWEVER, the juice needs to be diluted with another juice such as apple, carrot or cucumber because it can give you fever, chills, and heart palpitations because it absorbs so quickly into the bloodstream.  So please do not just juice beets and suck it down in its pure un-diluted form!  Read more here:




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As promised in my post from yesterday, I made Daphne Oz’s Spinach/Apple/Cucumber/Ginger juice and it was great!  The only difference between mine and hers was that I forgot to buy fresh ginger 😦 soooo, I didn’t get the full Daphne experience.  I will however, definitely try this again with ginger and let you know how it goes!

Sliced apples, some spinach and a half of cucumber

Then for fun I added a small chunk of pineapple and some broccoli!

Green deliciousness!

Anything green MUST be good for you!  It was tasty too!


Thanks, Daphne!

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So I’m back from the gym this morning with the hubby, and I immediately make him breakfast and pack his lunch (our new- New Year routine so that we can lose some LBs.  I give him a smooch as he heads off to work and I run to the computer because I haven’t checked my email yet today… what is with that by the way?  I can’t go an HOUR without checking my email?  Whatever- I digress…

So I check my emails and I see that Twitter has just emailed me to tell me that Daphne Oz mentioned me in a tweet!  How exciting is that?!?  Well, let me explain why this is especially exciting…

Daphne Oz

daughter of Doctor Oz

So the other night, I was fiddling around Twitter, following, unfollowing, tweeting, re-tweeting…and all that other crap that I don’t really know anything about!  I am literally CLUELESS when it comes to the world of twitter.  Regardless, I find @Daphne Oz and @The Chew and I follow them both.  Knowing that Daphne is a health guru with really great ideas to share with the nation on @The Chew, I feel compelled to tweet her for a recipe!  So I do!  I mean, I want to use my Jack Lalanne Power Juicer and since Jack is now passed, (RIP, Jack) I can’t tweet him for a recipe!  Plus she’s PRETTY so she is the perfect addition to Pretty and Delicious!  So, of course Hubby sees me tweeting said tweet and giggles to himself loud enough that I could hear him……”What are you laughing at?” I ask. “Why are you laughing at me” I immediately demanded in his face while pinning him to the sofa. “I can TOTALLY take you and don’t think I won’t!” (LOL I’m a bit dramatic, can’t you tell?)   “I’m not laughing at you I just think that Daphne Oz isn’t really going to care if you tweet her and probably won’t write you back!” he said guiltily.

WELL…….as you can imagine, I flew over to my iPhone this morning and called the hubby while he was driving to work.  “GUESS WHO JUST TWEETED ME?” I asked….. “…I don’t know, who?” he asked  “DAPHNE OZ!!!!” I said like a brat (I love when I’m right! and it’s happening more and more often now that we’re married! haha!) “Nuu Uhhh” he said.  “Yes she did! She told me in Twitter language: kale/spinach/cucumber/ginger + green apple or pineapple for a little sweetness!! ”  “COOL!  I told you she would write back!”  LOL…. men!

Stay tuned because tomorrow I am SO making this as my morning juice and I will tell you ALL about it!  and maybe me and Daphne can be friends one day….


ha! maybe…

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The idea for this recipe came from my friend Kristin while we were hiking the other day.
A hike is always a great place to get inspired!   Whether that inspiration be healthy recipes, home organization, your grocery shopping list or whatever else you think of!  I don’t know if it’s the fact that I’m doing something great for my body, that I’m outside in the clean air with plants and other vegetation surrounding me, or that I was just craving some sort of refreshing nourishment! haha I certainly needed it for those hills!  But hikes usually inspire me in some way!

You'll need...

Spinach, Fat Free Plain Yogurt, Flax Seed, half of a bananna, a few strawberries and blueberries (not too many), a squeeze of honey and some milk! (oops forgot Peanut Butter for some added protein!)

Add it all into the blender

It'll look like this..... green and ugly

BUT it's so delicious!

and it’s the perfect morning drink to enjoy while you’re reading Pretty and Delicious!

(notice the bottle of wine in the background…that’s for later!)

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