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So I can not take the credit for this recipe!  I saw this on my cousin Hannah’s blog and I couldn’t wait to make them! P.S. Hannah’s blog is freaking adorable!  And not only because of her delicious recipes and charming southern wit!  Her ADORABLE baby Eleanora is plastered all over the place and you just want to squeeze her she’s so cute!   You should definitely check it out!

So I changed the recipe a bit because I was feeling strawberries at the time and had some strawberry pie filling in the cabinet!  These are soo simple it’s re-donk-ulous!

You’ll need:

This is pretty much it!

Take some pie crust and roll it out a bit so that it’s a little thinner…you get more mini-pies that way anyway!  Then you cut some circles with your cookie cutter OR a lid to a container!  Ha!

So I don't have cookie cutters! This is me being resourceful!

Lay them out on a tin-foil-lined baking sheet

Drop a lil' dollop of pie filling in the center

Then top with another cut-out and seal with a fork!

Then I sprayed a little bit of spray “butter”on top with a little sprinkle of sugar for some extra sweetness!

(in lieu of a glaze)

If you have extra pie crust, feel free to make an abnormally shaped pie... it'll make you smile

Get it? ^

Then bake at 375 for 12-15 minutes!  Sooo simple! And delicious!

Lovely Golden Brown

Top with some whipped cream!




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OMG!  …in other words…. OH EM GEE….

So cute!

Necessary? No!  But fantastic? YES!  How great is this?!  I feel like it would be just the cutest thing at a little girl’s birthday party or as an addition to this fabulous sweet table from my Pretty AND Delicious Candy Display post from January 10, 2012:

Am I right?!

I found this little ferris wheel while I was wandering around HGTV.com.  Ugh!  So stinkin’ cute!


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These candy displays are just the cutest!  There is so much that you can do with a candy display and here are just a few cute ideas!  This first display is so cute and colorful!  I love the mix of different colors, the various heights, the adorable apothecary jars and the colorful flags hanging above.


This blue display is awesome for a little boy’s birthday party or a baby (boy) shower:

Pretty Pink Candy Display

This adorable pink candy table is just too cute!  I love the mono-chromatic look with all the different shades of pink!   Found this gorgeous display on Pinterest but it is originally courtesy of Project Wedding

The best mom in the whole world prepared a candy bar for my wedding as a surprise to Hubby and I.  I will post pictures as soon as they become available!  She took the colorful approach in tall dissimilar vases and the candy was displayed on a bed of moss with a tall candelabra centerpiece with jewel-toned flowers at it’s base.  It was fantastic!  And SO much fun!  It was gobbled up before we even saw it!

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These cookies are  a tribute to my favorite cookie lady: Joan M. Hennessy.  She would be proud of these little guys o:-)  even though they don’t hold a candle to her shortbread cookies!

These are pure magic!  And they’re soooo easy! Go! Go now!

Thumbprint cookies filled with strawberry pie filling


1 cup butter
1/2 cup brown sugar, packed
2 eggs, separated
1 teaspoon Vanilla
2 cups flour
1/2 teaspoon Salt
1 1/2 cup walnuts, finely chopped (optional)
Red Jelly (feel free to use whatever flavor you’d like!)
Green Mint Jelly (ditto!)


Heat oven to 350 degrees F. Mix butter, sugar, egg yolk and vanilla thoroughly.

Work in flour and salt until dough holds together. Shape dough by teaspoonfuls into 1-inch balls.

Beat egg white slightly. Dip each ball into egg white, then roll in nuts (I opted not to roll in nuts).

Place 1″ apart on ungreased baking sheet. Press thumb deeply into center of each.

Bake 10 minutes or until light brown. Immediately remove from baking sheet. Fill thumbprints with jelly.

Found them here: http://www.momswhothink.com/christmas/the-best-christmas-cookie-recipes-ever/1.html

I used strawberry pie filling because I didn’t have any jelly.  It tasted delicious but would be very hard to travel with them because it doesn’t harden.

~JMH~   In loving memory of Joan M. Hennessy.  You are missed every day.  ~JMH~

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So check out this adorable idea!  My sister asked our cousin to be her bridesmaid with this precious cookie!   Pretty creative idea, huh?

You can find these adorable cookies at The Flour Pot in Ambler, PA.  Here’s their website!  Check it out! http://www.flourpotcookies.com/

Will you be my bridesmaid?

in a cute little box

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We all need a quick go-to snack that we can easily prepare and bring to a party on the fly (OTF)!  These little pretzel treats are GREAT for ANY holiday, are easy to make AND are kid-approved!   While I do not take ownership of this recipe, since I honestly can not remember where the heck I discovered it, I have adopted it as my own and proudly share it with friends and family whenever these little yums make an appearance.  Here’s how we do:

Place your pretzels on a baking sheet (waffle pretzels work wonderfully!)

Unwrap all of your Hershey kisses and place them in the center of the pretzels

Put them in the oven for 7 minutes at 170*.

While you’re waiting…..

Separate all of your M&Ms for quick and easy SMUSHING!

Here are some ideas:

Halloween! (you can use Reeses Pieces or M&Ms)

Summer fun!



Uh... The sun is out! Let's make some pretzel yums!

Any kid's birthday!

Ok! They should be ready!  Smush your first M&M into the hershey kiss and push down until it’s nicely nestled into the Hershey kiss.  If it doesn’t smush all the way down, stick it back into the oven for another minute and try again.  Repeat as needed.


Happy Birthday/Hanukkah/Easter/Halloween/New Years and/or Merry Christmas!


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