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How adorable is this little bracelet!  I just love the fact that you put your own initials into it, so there will be very few people that have the same one  as you!  I found this little thing on Pinterest but it originates from seller MarinetteJewelry .  Her things are so lovely and unique!  Definitely check it out!  These would be a PERFECT gift for your bridal party, a recent graduate, a new bride, a new mom, mother’s day!  Ah! I might order a few now!


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So I have this problem…. I have this cute little porch, all the California sun a girl could ask for and these two little wooden flower boxes that just complete the “package”;  It’s not a back yard but it’s my dream outdoor patio space for now… ya know?  So as I said, I have this problem….. I have these jerk neighbors who live below us.  So these jerk neighbors complain to management EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I. WATER. MY. FLOWERS……. Annoying and rude!  I mean, come’on!  It’s not like water is flooding their entire apartment!  It’s more like a teaspoon of water escapes the 7 protective layers that I have created and drips down onto their outdoor patio.  I mean, really folks, what happens when it rains!??!  She killed my basil, my mint and my dill and I can safely say that I very strongly dislike her.

So anyway-

I think this would be the perfect, cheerful, springtime addition to my apartment without risking disturbing the beast below.

I’m so trying this!

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Gorgeous Purple Arrangement

I love this purple flower arrangement.  This was displayed in a barn-like building with a combination of wood, steel, and stone.  I think it works perfectly!  The bright purple and greens alongside the twigs with small purple flowers  give this arrangement a barn-yard feeling.  The sticks add some height and depth to the floral piece and I think it really completes the look!

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I have to do it!  I’m sorry!  I have to post some wedding pics because my wonderful photographer and florist did an amazing job on everything!  …and hey!  It qualifies as “pretty” so cut me a break! 😉  I will post various things every once in awhile from the big day, I don’t want to BORE any of you pretty readers with photo-album after photo-album!

First thing’s first: INVITATIONS!

I made my own invitations and am very proud of them!  I found an inspiration image and I tried very hard to get the same feel for my own without copying the idea completely.

I'm inspired! Are you??

Credit: I found this image on Style Me Pretty and I contacted the invitation designer to inquire about her services.  I was disappointed that she didn’t call me back, but I ended up doing a fabulous job without her!

So I started with the color scheme which I had already known was going to be plum/eggplant and gold based on my bridesmaid’s dresses.  I wanted a black tie affair but I didn’t want the traditional ivory and gold combination so I thought this was a nice compromise.  It remains elegant and beautiful without being overly traditional and not-me!

So I designed my own invitation layouts on Photoshop:

And then ordered all of the supplies!


Special Thanks to Kellen at The Paper Orchid who was the sweetest person to work with!  She was a huge help and was sweet as could be!  THAT, wedding vendors, makes a HUGE impact on us girls!  Keep that in mind for next time, “wedding stationary lady that didn’t call me back!”

Now as a final note, I would LOVE to make some invitations for you brides out there!  If there is any interest from you girls that would love a handmade quality to your invites without doing them yourself, I would LOVE to help!  Comment on this entry and LIKE me on Facebook I will be sure to email you back so we can chat!

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So I was so excited about my purple flower arrangement last week that I attempted another!  I’m not sure how I feel about this one.. I think there’s a bit much going on here.  However, I do think that certain bits and pieces of this one have potential.

For example, the grapes in the vase are great!  I think they really add a third color to the mix that I think is awesome and it brightens it up a bit more.  I do think, though, that the grapes would be better served in a smaller vase where they kind of take over the water.

The limes are my fav.  I feel like if this whole thing was just limes, tulips and green leaves, it would be killer but that in combination with the grapes goes a bit overboard.

Here’s a picture without the limes.  I almost like the grapes here!  They aren’t being overtaken by the limeys!

There ya have it!


What do you think?

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I found a great deal at the grocery store!

So I went wild with creativity!  I’ve always wanted to make one of those arrangements with leaves around the inside of the vase….

So I attempted floral mastery!

Here’s what I did:

So I cute the tulips off the stems

I pulled the leaves off the stem

And I cut the yucky part off

And I placed them on top of eachother like so...

Next I curled the leaves and placed them in the vase with water inside

Then I started adding the flowers!


There they are!

 Mission Floral Mastery: Complete!

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Now look at this lovely table setting!  I’m loving the creativity the colors!  I like things that aren’t typical- and this totally qualifies!  It is such a different centerpiece than I’ve seen at any wedding I’ve ever been to!   What do you think?

Found this pretty thang on Pinterest!

Beautiful and so different!


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