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So I have this problem…. I have this cute little porch, all the California sun a girl could ask for and these two little wooden flower boxes that just complete the “package”;  It’s not a back yard but it’s my dream outdoor patio space for now… ya know?  So as I said, I have this problem….. I have these jerk neighbors who live below us.  So these jerk neighbors complain to management EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I. WATER. MY. FLOWERS……. Annoying and rude!  I mean, come’on!  It’s not like water is flooding their entire apartment!  It’s more like a teaspoon of water escapes the 7 protective layers that I have created and drips down onto their outdoor patio.  I mean, really folks, what happens when it rains!??!  She killed my basil, my mint and my dill and I can safely say that I very strongly dislike her.

So anyway-

I think this would be the perfect, cheerful, springtime addition to my apartment without risking disturbing the beast below.

I’m so trying this!


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I am loving this idea!  I think it’s a great addition to a morning brunch and really gives your guests the freedom to choose how they indulge with their champagne!  I, personally, LOVE strawberries and peaches in my mimosas!  Not necessarily together- but I would choose either one or the other.  I don’t care too much for raspberries so I would probably forgo that option.  The point is- your guests can be creative and  an added bonus is that it provides a gorgeous display for your party!  I mean- how beautiful and colorful is this table!?  It’s the perfect way to start your Sunday morning amongst friends!


By the way, I found this pretty little thang on Pinterest!


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Gorgeous Purple Arrangement

I love this purple flower arrangement.  This was displayed in a barn-like building with a combination of wood, steel, and stone.  I think it works perfectly!  The bright purple and greens alongside the twigs with small purple flowers  give this arrangement a barn-yard feeling.  The sticks add some height and depth to the floral piece and I think it really completes the look!

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I love this.. I love it and I want it- badly.  This wall accent piece is delicate yet powerful and is classy at the same time!  So since the page that I found it on doesn’t have too much information about it, the search is ON!  I’ll keep you posted…… don’t you worry your pretty little heads off!

Gorgeous wall accent!

GORGEOUS! I'm in LOVE.... again!

I’m seeing this on a wall full of black and white/sepia toned pictures in faded gold frames with white matting!

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So I was so excited about my purple flower arrangement last week that I attempted another!  I’m not sure how I feel about this one.. I think there’s a bit much going on here.  However, I do think that certain bits and pieces of this one have potential.

For example, the grapes in the vase are great!  I think they really add a third color to the mix that I think is awesome and it brightens it up a bit more.  I do think, though, that the grapes would be better served in a smaller vase where they kind of take over the water.

The limes are my fav.  I feel like if this whole thing was just limes, tulips and green leaves, it would be killer but that in combination with the grapes goes a bit overboard.

Here’s a picture without the limes.  I almost like the grapes here!  They aren’t being overtaken by the limeys!

There ya have it!


What do you think?

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I found a great deal at the grocery store!

So I went wild with creativity!  I’ve always wanted to make one of those arrangements with leaves around the inside of the vase….

So I attempted floral mastery!

Here’s what I did:

So I cute the tulips off the stems

I pulled the leaves off the stem

And I cut the yucky part off

And I placed them on top of eachother like so...

Next I curled the leaves and placed them in the vase with water inside

Then I started adding the flowers!


There they are!

 Mission Floral Mastery: Complete!

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OMG!  …in other words…. OH EM GEE….

So cute!

Necessary? No!  But fantastic? YES!  How great is this?!  I feel like it would be just the cutest thing at a little girl’s birthday party or as an addition to this fabulous sweet table from my Pretty AND Delicious Candy Display post from January 10, 2012:

Am I right?!

I found this little ferris wheel while I was wandering around HGTV.com.  Ugh!  So stinkin’ cute!


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