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How adorable is this little bracelet!  I just love the fact that you put your own initials into it, so there will be very few people that have the same one  as you!  I found this little thing on Pinterest but it originates from seller MarinetteJewelry .  Her things are so lovely and unique!  Definitely check it out!  These would be a PERFECT gift for your bridal party, a recent graduate, a new bride, a new mom, mother’s day!  Ah! I might order a few now!


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So I have this problem…. I have this cute little porch, all the California sun a girl could ask for and these two little wooden flower boxes that just complete the “package”;  It’s not a back yard but it’s my dream outdoor patio space for now… ya know?  So as I said, I have this problem….. I have these jerk neighbors who live below us.  So these jerk neighbors complain to management EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I. WATER. MY. FLOWERS……. Annoying and rude!  I mean, come’on!  It’s not like water is flooding their entire apartment!  It’s more like a teaspoon of water escapes the 7 protective layers that I have created and drips down onto their outdoor patio.  I mean, really folks, what happens when it rains!??!  She killed my basil, my mint and my dill and I can safely say that I very strongly dislike her.

So anyway-

I think this would be the perfect, cheerful, springtime addition to my apartment without risking disturbing the beast below.

I’m so trying this!

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Pretty adorable!

Ok so where the heck can I use this cute idea?  It’s cheap, it’s easy, it’s fun, it’s colorful……it’s creative!!!!! I just love it and I’m sitting here still thinking to myself……. where the heck can I use this idea?

Maybe a kid’s birthday party? Maybe a baby shower?  Maybe a summer bridal shower?  I have no idea, but stay tuned in case I whip it out for a dinner party sometime in the near future!

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I wanna know two things:

#1 WHO thought of this?

#2 WHY didn’t I think of that??

Easy cleaning whisk! YES!

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