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Pizza Omelet!

So this idea happened because I was trying to empty out my refrigerator.  I had some ingredients leftover from our homemade pizza night and so I put them to good use!

1. I started out by beating some eggs in a bowl and adding salt, pepper and a tiny bit of milk.

2. Add the eggs to an omelet pan and wait until they start to solidify.  Poke some holes with your spatula so that the wet egg starts to seep through and cook.

3.  Once your eggs are cooked to desired consistency (i.e. not too runny if you don’t like them not too runny) add your marinara sauce, peperoni and some cheese (I added grated Parmesan- it was a great choice!).

4. Flip the one half of your egg over the other (you know, omelet style, people!)

and viola!  Simple and it’s different from the usual over easy egg breakfast!

P.S.  This would be a great DINNER idea too!  It’s the perfect mix of breakfast and dinner!



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Yummy Turkey and Vegetable Chili


So this recipe is easy, flexible and so easy to make it your own!  All I did was:

1. Chop up some onions, zucchini, peppers, carrots (my fav!) and celery

2. Heat some olive oil in a large pot

3. Throw in those veggies until they start to get tender

4. Toss in some ground turkey (as much or as little as you like) (we like it fairly meaty so I add a lot)

5. Season meat with salt and pepper (and taco seasoning and/or other spices if you’d like)

6. Continue until meat is cooked through

7. Add canned diced tomatoes (I usually add two cans and another can of diced tomatoes with green chilies)

8. Let it simmer for awhile

9. Add beans if you’d like!  They’re a nice touch for a little bit more fiber!

10.  Simmer until you’re ready to chow down!

11. Add a dollup of low fat sour cream, a sprinkle of cayenne pepper and some avocados on top for a delicious treat!


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So I’ve been MIA….

So yes, it’s true… I’ve been MIA for awhile and I blame it on this guy:

the culprit

Cute, right?

Well Day 1 our little boy was nothing but a cute little loveable ball of fur!  He was:





and just plain


We we have been puppy-owners for exactly 1 week and 4 days and this little monster has really thrown us for a loop!   He’s a WILD MAN!  The little bugger has kept us on our toes, that’s for sure!   You don’t believe me?

He chews everything

He sleeps

He chews

He sleeps

He runs..and runs...and runs....

He poops

He sleeps

He hides in places where we can't get him


and sleeps

But he’s precious, loveable, funny, energetic, healthy and we LOVE him!  He’s the perfect addition to our new family!  And even though all he does is:

he sleeps


He makes us laugh, he loves us, he snuggles us and he’s just plain awesome!

He's ours and we love him!

Our little Charley Meatball … the newest addition to our family!

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I am loving this idea!  I think it’s a great addition to a morning brunch and really gives your guests the freedom to choose how they indulge with their champagne!  I, personally, LOVE strawberries and peaches in my mimosas!  Not necessarily together- but I would choose either one or the other.  I don’t care too much for raspberries so I would probably forgo that option.  The point is- your guests can be creative and  an added bonus is that it provides a gorgeous display for your party!  I mean- how beautiful and colorful is this table!?  It’s the perfect way to start your Sunday morning amongst friends!


By the way, I found this pretty little thang on Pinterest!


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Gorgeous Purple Arrangement

I love this purple flower arrangement.  This was displayed in a barn-like building with a combination of wood, steel, and stone.  I think it works perfectly!  The bright purple and greens alongside the twigs with small purple flowers  give this arrangement a barn-yard feeling.  The sticks add some height and depth to the floral piece and I think it really completes the look!

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I have to do it!  I’m sorry!  I have to post some wedding pics because my wonderful photographer and florist did an amazing job on everything!  …and hey!  It qualifies as “pretty” so cut me a break! 😉  I will post various things every once in awhile from the big day, I don’t want to BORE any of you pretty readers with photo-album after photo-album!

First thing’s first: INVITATIONS!

I made my own invitations and am very proud of them!  I found an inspiration image and I tried very hard to get the same feel for my own without copying the idea completely.

I'm inspired! Are you??

Credit: I found this image on Style Me Pretty and I contacted the invitation designer to inquire about her services.  I was disappointed that she didn’t call me back, but I ended up doing a fabulous job without her!

So I started with the color scheme which I had already known was going to be plum/eggplant and gold based on my bridesmaid’s dresses.  I wanted a black tie affair but I didn’t want the traditional ivory and gold combination so I thought this was a nice compromise.  It remains elegant and beautiful without being overly traditional and not-me!

So I designed my own invitation layouts on Photoshop:

And then ordered all of the supplies!


Special Thanks to Kellen at The Paper Orchid who was the sweetest person to work with!  She was a huge help and was sweet as could be!  THAT, wedding vendors, makes a HUGE impact on us girls!  Keep that in mind for next time, “wedding stationary lady that didn’t call me back!”

Now as a final note, I would LOVE to make some invitations for you brides out there!  If there is any interest from you girls that would love a handmade quality to your invites without doing them yourself, I would LOVE to help!  Comment on this entry and LIKE me on Facebook I will be sure to email you back so we can chat!

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So Hubby and I were in Sonoma this past weekend and we had the time of our lives!  I will be sure to do a Sonoma post in the next couple of days, don’t you worry!  Coming back from a delightful vacation is never easy especially when you have little to no food in the fridge and you need to make dinner.  So I scanned the fridge and saw:

  eggs, zucchini, onions,turkey meatballs, roasted red peppers (in a jar), and scallions.

So I:

1. sauteed the veggies, added some chopped-up turkey meatballs that I previously made and froze for easy eating

2. In a separate bowl, whisked 6 eggs, salt, pepper and scallions

3. Added it to the pan with the veggies

4. Wait for the eggs to “set” (meaning: wait until you are able to lift the edge of the egg off of the pan and maintains it’s shape)

Mix it all together and this is what you got!


5. Add cheese to the top (I used Smoked Gouda with Black Pepper) Stick the whole pan into the broiler for a few minutes until the cheese is bubbly and the egg looks cooked.

6. Pull it out of the oven, put a large plate on top of the pan and flip it over so that the egg lands upside down on the dish.

7. Voila!  Your fritatta is complete!  Serve with some toast and you have yourself a delicious dinner with plenty of leftovers for breakfast tomorrow!

The best part of making fritattas is that there is really no rhyme or reason to what can go in!  You can use anything that you have leftover in your fridge!  Veggies, meats, cheeses- whatever!

Get creative and ENJOY!

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